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Starting an MA in Creative Writing at 62

Posted in Age is No Barrier

6 mn read As a child I loved to read and write but where did that come from? Our story is a familiar one. Dad came over from Ireland in the 1950s as the farm could not support him. He met and married mum and as Irish Catholics, children kept arriving. Dad worked away from home supporting us […]

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Tips on Thrifty Living

Posted in Age is No Barrier

5 mn read I wish there were free public classes in household economising. My upbringing in remote North West England taught me a great deal about thrifty living. Our only heating was solid fuel, wood from the land, and anthracite delivered periodically by a muscular man in a leather tunic, face black with coal dust, who’d dump a small […]

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An Ounce of Prevention

Posted in Health

2 mn read We have a saying here in England, ‘An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.’ With this in mind, I felt at my age, it was time to get to my doctor’s and have a prostate exam. I had been putting this off for ages and ignoring constant advice from my significant other. […]

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Retiring at 70 – No Way!

Posted in Age is No Barrier

5 mn read When Groucho Marx was asked, ‘How does it feel to be 80?” he replied, “it’s better than the altoinative!’ I recently experienced my 70th birthday, which I celebrated by retiring from my day job as a Mounted Park Ranger in New York City Parks Department. For my birthday party, I took part in a burlesque […]

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The Podcast Sex Advice for Seniors Takes TikTok by Storm

Posted in Exclusives, Sex & Intimacy

4 mn read ‘So whose idea was this,’ said my mother. ‘Was it hers?’ she said, pointing to me. My memory being what it is, I honestly couldn’t remember. I recall Peter – I do the podcast with Peter Marriott Thompson who is also the man I’m enjoying a sexy, fun time with – saying something about starting […]

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